Wem Vp Chants Victor Wembanyama Arrives in San Antonio

May 23, 2023

San Antonio was under Wemby’s guard Friday afternoon while waiting for Spurs No. 1 Victor wembanyama to arrive in town

When the private jet carrying the 19-year-old Frenchman arrived at a terminal on the outskirts of San Antonio International Airport, chants of “Wemby, Wemby” and “Wem-VP, Wem-VP” erupted after getting off the plane.

Expectations are certainly as high as Wembanyama after the Spurs drafted the 7-foot-4 center in Thursday’s NBA Draft

“Things are very exciting. It’s a very exciting prospect,” Spurs striker Jeremy Sochan told reporters at the airport. “It will be a lot of fun. ..

“It shows how much we want to show him love and that this is a family here and he has nothing to stress about. It’s going to be okay.”


It is expected that Wembanyama will become the third San Antonio lifeguard to be selected with the election to the n ° 1 draft. The Club has already hit the Jackpot with the selection of future Hall of Famers David Robinson (1987) and Tim Duncan (1997).

The Spurs were only able to draft Wembanyama because they were a dismal 22-60 last season and missed the playoffs for the fourth year in a row

But they won the draft lottery last month to have the opportunity to select Wembanyama, who should make the difference immediately in the NBA. He has a strong ground game, likes to shoot from the outside and is effective inside.

And San Antonio fans are showing their excitement, as many waited for several hours on Friday in temperatures close to 100 degrees just to catch a glimpse of the new center of attention. After getting off the plane, Wembanyama waved to the gathered Fans, walked to a fence and signed a few autographs before getting into a car and leaving.

Wembanyama will hold a press conference on Saturday.

“I can’t speak for the city. I know how excited they are and how excited they were when we made the first choice,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said at a news conference Thursday night. “But the city has always had a love affair with Spurs, so no matter who we choose or the year, it doesn’t change.”

“They have always been loyal and loyal Fans who appreciate Spurs, and the players in return have always understood their responsibility to the city.

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