We Go with This Kylian Mbappe Garbage Once More

June 26, 2023

Some transfer/trade/free agency stories have been going on for years, which Kylian Mbappe seems to want to create. We all knew about LeBron James’ first free agency three years earlier, when ESPN made it its own odyssey. And his second a few years earlier. Kevin Durant’s next goal is apparently always a bigger story than his current one. Do you remember how long it was a foregone conclusion that Bryce Harper was going to be a cub? Oops! But who could have known that the Ricketts family would then turn into Bob Nutting… except all the others. Tom Brady also did this dance for a few years while he retired, just to give this boring stew another kick.

So here we are again, and Mbappe panicked PSG and most of France yesterday by announcing that he would not use his Option for the 2024-2025 Season, which means that he is now entering the last year of his contract. And PSG have made it clear that they will not lose him in vain next summer if he can leave as a Free Agent. So if he doesn’t sign up, they will send him now. And then Mbappe is playing his hand today saying that he is very happy in Paris and that he will play for PSG next Season. What PSG have just said is that they will not do it. French soap operas are everything you imagined.

Now I can’t force you to do it!
This is becoming the most boring chicken game you can think of just because we’ve already done it. In addition, a French Version of chicken is, by definition, more boring. The last time Mbappe looked at PSG, he said “”I think I’m just going to Madrid..”while PSG bowed its head at the door, it essentially made him the general manager of the club and made him hire his own coach. That you just fired. He would also have tried to push Neymar out of the club and would have wanted or had a say in transfers. Everything ended as usual for PSG – somehow to another Ligue 1 title that they at least threatened to blow up, while also getting their asses kicked by the first real team they met in the Champions League (after finishing behind Benfica in the Champions League Group Stage).

So Mbappe can’t really make another power play inside the club, he already has all the power, so now he’s going to put his bag on the table to get power outside the club.

The fact is that PSG cannot bodily force him to leave this summer, no matter how much you want him to. What Mbappe wants or hints that he wants to at least gain influence is to become a Free Agent who would open up the Pool of teams for which he could then sign… and probably also increased his wages. If he has not attached exorbitant transfer fees to the still galactic salaries, he becomes more attractive to the teams.

You can’t make someone love you
And Mbappe might feel like he has to do it because it’s hard to imagine who exactly his suitors are right now. Real Madrid would be courted again to make a huge offer and feed their Ego with as many transfers as possible, while looking like the high school Nerd who likes to do prom queen homework again. Except … Madrid signed with Vinicius Jr. already a pretty useful figure on the left side of the strike. Either he, or Mbappe could move to the right side, no central strikers either, which Mbappe has said very clearly, but it would not be the best place either. Maybe you are making concessions for someone like Mbappe.

Madrid has just injected million for Jude Bellingham and needs a replacement for Karim Benzema. Again, Mbappe has made it clear that he really likes to play on the left, which means that he is not filling Benzema’s boots, at least not happy. That is why there are more than rumors about Harry Kane, who himself will not come inexpensive. There are a lot of obstacles here, let’s say, but none too big or too silly for Madrid not to at least try to overcome them. That’s what they do.

Beyond Madrid, any other club could struggle to pay both the transfer fee and Mbappe’s salary. Man City won’t, at least not under Pep’s supervision. This is beyond Munich or any team in Italy. Barcelona can show up at the PSG offices, take off their empty pockets while vaguely referring to another lever and be booted directly into the Seine while PSG makes a joke about “pull this lever.”Liverpool are not in the Champions League, already have three left-wing strikers and did not want to break their transfer record and salary structure for Bellingham, who plays a Position they need much more than another striker. Chelsea … I just thought we’d throw this out for a laugh.

Which leaves the Manchester United freshly acquired in Qatar, which also has its own gifted left-handed striker with Marcus Rashford who saved his ass this Season – although it seems that United would not have much of a problem moving Rashford to the right to welcome Mbappe and enter its new phase of sports washing with the most

But that’s basically the List right now. Maybe the List just has to be long in Madrid. But if Mbappe can force himself to enter free agency next summer, it’s time to see what United will do, or so that Chelsea can maybe actually get their act together, or what financial and regular obstacles Barcelona will have to overcome to simply sign a free transfer will be clearer and easier, or (we’re still laughing) Newcastle to prove that they will be a Champions League contender under their own ownership in the Middle East.

PSG would probably like to start over and get it right this time and take everything they can get for Mbappe and Neymar and then build something like their blood money counterparts in Manchester and whatever Newcastle will become. But if Mbappe doesn’t want to leave until he’s good and ready, things get pretty sticky. You can’t really see PSG letting Mbappe train with the youth teams in the hope of forcing him or anything (although that’s supposed to happen please).

At least we all rehearsed how to do this.

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