The Uswnt Ensure That No Centerbacks Are Injured

June 8, 2023

We wondered if the USWNT would go to the World Championship without Becky Sauerbrunn. The starting composition should be correct, but how would Vlakto Andonovsky answer the question about the eroded depth without the captain? It seems that he decided not to answer them at all.

Andonovski named his team of 23 women (with the help of a large selection of celebrities and Matt Turner. Julie Ertz should sue) for Australia and New Zealand, and the big story is that beyond the likely starting pair of Naomi Girma and Alana Cook, their backups are good well, the guys in the crime lab are trying to sort this out.

Behind them is Emily Sonnett from Louisville, who played most of this season in the midfield. Andonovski said Julie Ertz can fill in if you need it, or so can Kelly O’Hara. Ertz has played a total of 13 matches between club football and international football in three years, and O’Hara is 34 years old and a full-back. This is a risk, and especially since neither Cook nor Girma have ever seen a World Cup before. This does not mean that they are not up to the task, they are the two best central defenders in the NWSL and would have been the best duo for the USA if Sauerbrunn had still been healthy. However, none of them can get issued or suffer a loss of form, since it will be ya-ha in the USA if they do this. The defensive record of the Chicago Red Stars, which is only at the level of the “sieve”, probably doomed Casey Krueger and Tierna Davidson, but Chicago’s problems go far beyond these two players and both are certainly more than competent enough to be thorough.

But wait, there are other problems!
This is the recent question on the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. The midfielder has been Andonovski’s constant action, mainly because of Ertz’s absence, but also because of a mix of #8 and #10 that have never really been intertwined since the last World Cup. And this is no different here. Despite the rust, a lot of things are still rolling on Ertz, as she is to be trusted not only to be a finisher in front of a now very thin defense, but also the quarterback she once was. This would allow the Lavelles, Horans and Sanchezes of the world to play more advanced, where they feel comfortable, but it is unlikely that Ertz ‘23 is Ertz ‘19. There is also a secret about what can be Rose Lavelle, since she has not played for weeks due to issue and will go straight to the tournament. If Lavelle can’t make the bell or is out of her game and Ertz is still wearing years of rust, it’s suddenly a pretty tightrope unit.

The only plan B in Space #6 is Andi Sullivan, who was strong defensively, but not close to what Ertz was on the ball when he played for the USA, and this created a gap for the entire midfielder. One wonders if an insurance policy the size of Sam Coffey would not have been desirable at this location to make this team a bit more press-proof than it was.

Having only 23 locations means that a team will probably be thin somewhere, which is why Andonovski has opted for a lot of versatility and flexibility everywhere. As mentioned above, if the team reaches DEFCON 4, O’Hara and Ertz could play in defense. Sonnett could go to midfield. Crystal Dunn can be a full-back or a midfielder. The team’s newcomer, Savannah Demelo, who is action for the best midfielder in the NWSL so far this season, can play all three midfield positions. Sophia Smith can play away or as #9 if Alex Morgan needs a spell or if the team needs a Plan B. Horan can also act as #6 if you are really desperate in this place (and you could!).

On the plus side, there are a number of rude talents here that could outperform any defensive problems (and they may have to!). Even without Mallory Swanson, the best player of the USWNT for a year or two, a leading trio of Trinity Rodman, Morgan and Smith will be difficult to manage for any team. Or Andonovski could throw Smith in the middle and use Lynn Williams or Alyssa Thompson and have the most mobile and fastest rude force in the tournament. With Cook and Grima in central defense and hoping that Ertz will look the way she once did, the USWNT seems quite ready to solve their midfield problems by just jumping on it and going straight as often as possible and getting their fearsome forwards into space as soon as possible. This is more than enough to work.

It is important to remember that the draw of the USA is quite nice. The only other top team in their group is The Netherlands, and they are deprived of the main striker Vivianne Miedema. The second round should not be a threat, and only in the quarterbacks, in which you could probably see Spain or Japan, things become real. And maybe a New Zealand supported at home will also throw a setback in the round of eight. It is also a paralyzed Spain in the face of their problems between the team and the federation.

A squad of 23 people is by definition a ” short blanket.”There were always one or two spots in the team where the fans were a little itchy. At least it is clear where this one is located. Unfortunately, it’s just the basis of a team. This American team fought against teams that were not afraid to kick in the face, relying on a returning Ertz and an untested Girma, and Cook to solve most of these problems. Any homeowner can tell you what headaches can cause foundation problems.

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