Pride and Pregame Cause Jerseys Are Gone from the Nhl

June 4, 2023

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and League owners are retiring Pride jerseys next Season.

The Board of Governors of the league has decided to abolish all the “Special jerseys” worn before the matches of the 2023-24 Season.

“I suggested that it would be appropriate for the clubs not to change their shirts during the warm-up, as this has become a distraction and a distraction from the fact that all our clubs organize parties in honor of different groups or causes in one form or another, and we prefer that they continue to receive the appropriate attention

The themes of the pride night usually included rainbow-colored jerseys and duct tape.

It was just a theme that the NHL celebrated last season, according to the market. The army, the legacy and the heroes of the past were all included by some teams, where the players wore special threads that corresponded to promotional events.

Backlash hit several nights dedicated to Jersey, Bettman said. The NHL plans to allow teams to pursue special events and “theme nights” on game day, including Pride night. Last season, the Chicago Blackhawks, the St.Louis, the Minnesota Wild and other teams chose not to wear the heated sweaters due to public objections.

Several Russian players refused to wear the heated sweaters due to the tension of anti-homosexual laws in their home countries.

Buffalo Sabres defenseman Ilya Lyubushkin, a 28-year-old Russian, did not attend the pregame festivities when the team hosted its pride night. His teammates, including captain Kyle Okposo, said it was important to put Lyubushkin’s decision in the right context.

“We support (Lyubushkin) in this space, and we want to make sure that he is comfortable and we respect his choices,” Okposo said. “I have Empathy for my teammate, for Boosh in the Situation he is in, but think about it: if there is a closed gay member of a team, and you must also have Empathy for that person in that Situation. We have to recognize that and that’s part of acceptance, and that’s why we want to accept.”

June is recognized as Pride Month, but Bettman said the Board of Governors didn’t have a specific group or reason in mind for stocking the special sweaters before the game.

“I agree that these are legitimate concerns, but in the end, all the efforts and the emphasis on the importance of these different causes have been undermined by the distraction concerning the teams, the players. That way we’ll focus on the game and on those special nights we’ll focus on the cause,” Bettman said.

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