Here Life Hack for Nba Players Upset About Nba Ratings

July 7, 2023

Can we please stop bothering the people responsible for your digital enjoyment? At first, the Hulk didn’t look as it should, then Game of Thrones failed, and now the annual gripe fest is back, where NBA players complain about their ranking in NBA 2K games. These people have families and more important things to worry about than the accuracy of fiction.

Clay Thompson, who finished last season with the same 3-point percentage as Kevin Love, was unhappy that his deep Rating was not equal to 99.

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It doesn’t matter that anyone, even a person working for 2K Games, can say that Thompson was not his last year. The algorithm that the developers use to determine the age of players in franchise mode starts counting for the 10th year, so stop being insulted by aging.

Kevin durant is only happy when he complains about something, and this week’s target was Ronnie 2K. Although I’m sure Ronnie welcomes such public attention — I’m not sure if he’s famous because of the video game or if a video game is famous because of him— the general public

I feel silly explaining it, but durant is having his 15th season and he’s nowhere near Cal Ripken’s level of resilience. Has Kay Dee at least looked at which Categories has his overall ranking decreased in? His issue rating may be pulling him down.

Jawale McGee was also unhappy with the developers, only it had nothing to do with his notes on the court.

Well, actually… this is a legitimate complaint. My guess about what happened is that the developers scanned his face during one of the many times he looked suspiciously at the judges that they blew the whistle on him for beating a guy. You have nothing to blame but your infinite number of faults, Hawala.

Thompson and durant want praise for past performances, and it’s that kind of thought process that’s the reason Kobe Bryant still set people on fire in online games in the years he’s been shut out. How is 2K Games going to make money with Search for Dark Matter cards when everyone is playing 99? I played against a team of 99 players and it was horrible.

I have a solution: if everyone wants to be perfect, there is a feature called “Create a player” that allows you to do just that. Do you think Sean beckwith, a 19-time NBA champion and 10-time League MVP, exists? I made him and gave him a ray Allen sweater mixed with a Vince carter sweater.

They can even scan their faces and upload them to their avatars. It’s not perfect, and if you have facial hair, you can’t remove it, but it’s an update from the constant disrespect depicted on McGee’s face. And I am not frustrated by the fact that real tattoos are not available. I’ve seen enough ink from NBA players to understand where the inspiration for the 2K design came from. Welcome to the world of the limits of the game and the joys of microtransactions.

Also, Durant and Thompson’s shooting moves can already be chosen, so they won’t have to customize their own (but they could if they wanted to). Another remarkable advantage for the creation of a player is that durant can register on the list of his choice without having to disable artificial intelligence in franchise mode to trade for Phoenix. A KD bootlegger may have to face an authenticated NBA 2K KD in the final, but as long as the KD man makes a save before the simulation determines his opponent, he can simply restart the game until the computer gives his favorite match.

That’s the best thing about video games. They are dummy and created with the intention of allowing people to fulfill their fantasies digitally. If durant wants a reality in which he does not age and Kyrie Irving can play home games and defend himself, this is only possible on PS5.

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