Gregg Berhalter Is Almost He Is Landing Usmnt Job

June 22, 2023

There is something very American about American football, spending nine months looking for a new USMNT manager, going through two caretaker managers because the former didn’t want to wait and took a full-time job in the Middle East and then ended up where they started by rehiring the man they had in the first place. In fact, it’s pretty much the most American football trick ever. And Gregg Berhalter apparently believes that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

If you missed USMNT’s Twitter gushing this week, a little recap. On Tuesday, it was announced that Berhalter is a finalist for the position of MANAGER of Club America in the Liga MX in Mexico. A day after, initial reports indicated that he had been given the job. And then, a few hours after, the wind had shifted so that Berhalter refused the job because he wanted to stay in the race for the USMNT job. Life comes to you quickly, especially in the world of football.

It must be emphasized that this is not a work that Berhalter refused, if one wants to believe the reports. The management of Club America is pretty much the biggest management position in Mexico, at least among the national team. They are the traditional powerhouse in Mexico with 13 titles — more than anyone else. There is probably no bigger job in club management on this continent. To refuse this, serious stones would be required if this was offered, or you would have to be pretty sure that you would get a better job in the near future.

This is where Berhalter lies. It is still rumored that he is a finalist for American football, even if some former French stars are seriously talking about the fact that they would love the job, both of them have experience as MLS coaches. Apart from Patrick Viera, Thierry Henry and Berhalter, there weren’t too many rumors about who else was talking American football, except Jesse Marsch, who probably bothered them until they did. And in the matter of Henry and Viera, we haven’t heard much more than just superficial contacts between them and American football.

All this makes you think that American football was just waiting for the Berhalter/Reyna-mishegas to calm down so that they could let Berhalter have the job anyway.

Will you meet the new manager, the same as the old one?
That’s not going to appeal to a lot of the American football fandom, and that’s understandable. Berhalter was clearly defeated by Louis Van Gaal (a genius in his mind) in the round of eight of the World Cup. It feels like he wants to run a national team like a club team, which really can’t work. He certainly mishandled part of Gio Reyna’s situation, although his biggest mistake was believing that he was in private while he was not at the conference that triggered the entire horseshit. He hasn’t really proven that he can get the team to play in a style that goes far in a tournament based on how gassed they looked against The Netherlands after being scratched by the Iranian and Welsh giants.

To be clear, not immediately pushing Reyna into the starting line-up for the World Cup was a perfectly justifiable choice. He did not play much in Dortmund, he had been issued, and Tim Weah and Christian Pulisic were equally, if not better options (and both proved this during the tournament). Surely the only choice was not to reward Reyna for completely scratching her in pre-tournament training. And again, Berhalter could have suspended Reyna during the tournament if he wanted, but instead tried to report him in the press by mentioning persistent issue problems instead of his behavioral problems. It was Reyna herself who blew this up.

There is certainly a possibility that Berhalter can rise to the position with the young list he has compiled. And he plays an important role in building this team and the national doubles, who decided to represent the United States (Sergino Dest, Folarin Balogun, Yunus Musah, Malik Tillman, to name a few). This is a testament to the culture that Berhalter has helped to build. No nothing.

But should but should when American football returns to Berhalter, the fans can’t help but feel deflated and wonder how serious the organization of American football is. Make no mistake, this is the largest three-year period in the history of the men’s team, in which there are two tournaments where a lot of noise should be made. That you need to make serious sounds. With at least some big names hinting that they would like to have a chance at the job (including the world’s greatest MANAGER), opting for a product of the old serious inbreeding methods of Berhalter’s National Program definitely feels like a lack of ambition, and more specifically a lack of financial balls.

The same goes for Jesse Marsch, the only other name that is also strongly associated with the work. These are safe choices, not necessarily bad ones, but they don’t feel like they open up all the possibilities. On the other hand, the return to Berhalter will make it easier when the Copa America 2024 becomes a full game and American football can go big game hunting for the World Cup two years after. What they do not do, but fun to dream about.

It’s American football, where disappointment is what you do best.

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